Louis Awerbuck

Online Therapy; Phone Therapy;  Office Consultation (during lockdown);  Office Consultation (after lockdown)
Unit 14 Oewerpark
Rokewood Road, Die Boord
7600 Stellenbosch
Western Cape
South Africa
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Clinical Psychologist (adults)
treatment for teenagers; treatment for students; treatment for adults
Addiction / Substance abuse; ADHD; Adolescents / Teens; Anger Management; Anxiety; Assessments; Assessment of adults; Bereavement / Grief; Bipolar; Career Counselling; Cognitive behavioural therapy; Cognitive Rehabilitation; Depression; Post Natal Depression; Divorce; Family mediation; Forensic / Psycho-legal; Gender Identity / Transition; HIV / AIDS; Hypnotherapy; Learning difficulties (children); LGBTIQ+; Life Stage Changes; Men's Issues; Occupational Therapy; Parenting skills; Personal Growth; Personality Disorders; Phobias / Fears; Psychoanalytic Therapy; Psychosis; Relationship / Couples; Relationship Therapy; Retrenchment / Retirement; Sensory integration; Sexual Abuse; Sleep Disorders; Spiritual Counselling; Sport Psychology; Stress / Lifestyle; Suicide / Self Harm; Trauma; Woman / Child Abuse; Women's issues
Louis Awerbuckloupe
Die siekte van ons tyd

Wêreldwyd word gepraat van ‘n “depressie-epidemie”, en alhoewel hierdie gemoedstryd so algemeen in ‘n modern wêreld geword het, lyk dit asof mense nog nie besef hoe gevaarlik die toestand is nie.

A Rational Relationship

Human beings are more irrational than rational. Put in different terms, the reason/s why people act the way they do are more than often not logical and cannot be explained rationally.

Stigmatising in the time of COVID-19

It seems that the problem of stigmatisation is more far-reaching than most people are aware of. In several communities it is increasingly reported that individuals with symptoms...


Daar bestaan baie wanopvattings oor skisofrenie, asook wat die term “skisofrenie” eintlik beteken. Baie van hierdie wanopvattings bestaan omdat skisofrenie ‘n ingewikkelde siekte is om te verstaan, asook om te diagnoseer.

Overeating escalates during pandemic

During May 2020, the data analysis company Ipsos conducted a large online poll among South Africans. Individuals were asked which psychological difficulties they experienced as a result of Covid-19.

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