Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 2021

Our privacy policy is simple because we don't collect identifiable personal information about you.

With registered users there are two places you enter your data.

  1. Directory listing: The detailed entered via your own login, that is shown on the directory listing. That detail is visible to everybody that visit the Wie is ek? - Directory. Wie is ek? can't be made liable of what happens to this data.
  2. Account information: This info is visible via your own login. It is also visible to the Wie is ek? administrators and website developers. All information added here, will be treated as confidential. It will not be provided to a third party, made publicly available or sold. Data and/or information that is pooled at a central point, is still regarded as your property. All reasonable attempts are made to keep electronic communication/data confidential and safe. No Credit card info is stored locally it is handled by Payfast and there privacy policy.

We do use some cookies. For more information see our cookie policy.

Our website uses analytics or analysis tools for statistical analysis of user behaviour. We don't share your personal information with anyone. We use this data to:

  1. optimize the functionality, accessibility, performance and stability of the website,
  2. see what, generally speaking, people are interested in.
  3. Tools used
    1. Google Analytics. The data and IP address will be anonymized immediately during this process so that you are not identifiable to us as an user. Google analytics do use cookies for more information see our cookie policy.
    2. AwStats is an 'open source' log file analyser, which operates on the website server, collecting and logging website traffic information. It does not use cookies, or any kind of tracking code, and collects anonymous data which help us identify security problems. AwStats include the IP address in their data.

We may process other personal information when you yourself give it to us, for example when you contact us. We'll only use it for this purpose.